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1 ALB01 Riverside Park   Albany NY US
2 ALT01 Columbia Park   Altoona PA US
3 ANA01 Angel Stadium of Anaheim Edison Field; Anaheim Stadium Anaheim CA US
4 ARL01 Arlington Stadium   Arlington TX US
5 ARL02 Rangers Ballpark in Arlington The Ballpark in Arlington; Ameriquest Fl Arlington TX US
6 ATL01 Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium   Atlanta GA US
7 ATL02 Turner Field   Atlanta GA US
8 ATL03 Suntrust Park   Atlanta GA US
9 BAL01 Madison Avenue Grounds   Baltimore MD US
10 BAL02 Newington Park   Baltimore MD US
11 BAL03 Oriole Park I   Baltimore MD US
12 BAL04 Belair Lot   Baltimore MD US
13 BAL05 Monumental Park   Baltimore MD US
14 BAL06 Oriole Park II   Baltimore MD US
15 BAL07 Oriole Park III   Baltimore MD US
16 BAL09 Oriole Park IV American League Park Baltimore MD US
17 BAL10 Terrapin Park Oriole Park V Baltimore MD US
18 BAL11 Memorial Stadium   Baltimore MD US
19 BAL12 Oriole Park at Camden Yards   Baltimore MD US
20 BOS01 South End Grounds I Walpole Street Grounds Boston MA US
21 BOS02 Dartmouth Grounds Union Park Boston MA US
22 BOS03 South End Grounds II   Boston MA US
23 BOS04 Congress Street Grounds   Boston MA US
24 BOS05 South End Grounds III   Boston MA US
25 BOS06 Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds   Boston MA US
26 BOS07 Fenway Park   Boston MA US
27 BOS08 Braves Field Bee Hive Boston MA US
28 BUF01 Riverside Grounds   Buffalo NY US
29 BUF02 Olympic Park I   Buffalo NY US
30 BUF03 Olympic Park II   Buffalo NY US
31 BUF04 International Fair Association Grounds Federal League Park Buffalo NY US
32 CAN01 Mahaffey Park Pastime Park Canton OH US
33 CAN02 Pastime Park   Canton OH US
34 CHI01 Lake Front Park I Union Base-ball Grounds Chicago IL US
35 CHI02 23rd Street Park   Chicago IL US
36 CHI03 Lake Front Park II   Chicago IL US
37 CHI05 South Side Park I Cricket Club Grounds; Union Grounds Chicago IL US
38 CHI06 West Side Park   Chicago IL US
39 CHI07 South Side Park II   Chicago IL US
40 CHI08 West Side Grounds   Chicago IL US
41 CHI09 South Side Park III   Chicago IL US
42 CHI10 Comiskey Park I White Sox Park Chicago IL US
43 CHI11 Wrigley Field Weeghman Park; Cubs Park Chicago IL US
44 CHI12 Guaranteed Rate Field U.S. Cellular Field;White Sox Park; Comiskey Park II Chicago IL US
45 CIN01 Lincoln Park Grounds Union Cricket Club Grounds Cincinnati OH US
46 CIN02 Avenue Grounds   Cincinnati OH US
47 CIN03 Bank Street Grounds   Cincinnati OH US
48 CIN04 League Park I   Cincinnati OH US
49 CIN05 League Park II   Cincinnati OH US
50 CIN06 Palace of the Fans League Park III Cincinnati OH US
51 CIN07 Crosley Field Redland Field Cincinnati OH US
52 CIN08 Cinergy Field Riverfront Stadium Cincinnati OH US
53 CIN09 Great American Ballpark   Cincinnati OH US
54 CLE01 National Association Grounds   Cleveland OH US
55 CLE02 League Park I Kennard Street Park Cleveland OH US
56 CLE03 League Park II American Association Park Cleveland OH US
57 CLE04 Brotherhood Park Players League Park Cleveland OH US
58 CLE05 League Park III National League Park III Cleveland OH US
59 CLE06 League Park IV Dunn Field Cleveland OH US
60 CLE07 Cleveland Stadium Municipal Stadium Cleveland OH US
61 CLE08 Progressive Field Jacobs Field Cleveland OH US
62 CLE09 Cedar Avenue Driving Park   Cleveland OH US
63 CLL01 Euclid Beach Park   Collinwood OH US
64 COL01 Recreation Park I   Columbus OH US
65 COL02 Recreation Park II   Columbus OH US
66 COL03 Neil Park I   Columbus OH US
67 COL04 Neil Park II   Columbus OH US
68 COV01 Star Baseball Park   Covington KY US
69 DAY01 Fairview Park   Dayton OH US
70 DEN01 Mile High Stadium   Denver CO US
71 DEN02 Coors Field   Denver CO US
72 DET01 Recreation Park   Detroit MI US
73 DET02 Bennett Park   Detroit MI US
74 DET03 Burns Park West End Park Detroit MI US
75 DET04 Tiger Stadium Navin Field; Briggs Stadium Detroit MI US
76 DET05 Comerica Park   Detroit MI US
77 DOV01 Fairview Park Fair Grounds   Dover DE US
78 ELM01 Maple Avenue Driving Park   Elmira NY US
79 FOR01 Grand Duchess Hamilton Field Fort Wayne IN US
80 FOR03 Jailhouse Flats   Fort Wayne IN US
81 FTB01 Fort Bragg Field   Fort Bragg NC US
82 GEA01 Geauga Lake Grounds Beyerle's Park Geauga Lake OH US
83 GLO01 Gloucester Point Grounds   Gloucester City NJ US
84 GLO02 Gloucester Fireworks Park   Gloucester City NJ US
85 GRA01 Ramona Park   Grand Rapids MI US
86 HAR01 Harrison Field   Harrison NJ US
87 HOB01 Elysian Field   Hoboken NJ US
88 HON01 Aloha Stadium   Honolulu HI US
89 HOU01 Colt Stadium   Houston TX US
90 HOU02 Astrodome   Houston TX US
91 HOU03 Minute Maid Park Enron Field; Astros Field Houston TX US
92 HRT01 Hartford Ball Club Grounds   Hartford CT US
93 HRT02 Hartford Trotting Park   Hartford CT US
94 IND01 South Street Park   Indianapolis IN US
95 IND02 Seventh Street Park I   Indianapolis IN US
96 IND03 Bruce Grounds   Indianapolis IN US
97 IND04 Seventh Street Park II   Indianapolis IN US
98 IND05 Seventh Street Park III   Indianapolis IN US
99 IND06 Indianapolis Park   Indianapolis IN US
100 IND07 Federal League Park Washington Park Indianapolis IN US

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